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This is what 75 years can do to one.

I'm four years old in one of these and  and 79 in the other. You pick.

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        In 1976, I had a life-changing experience—I got the flu that was going around then. The flu itself wasn’t what changed my life but the horrible bout with depression it caused. At the time, I didn’t know the flu could cause depression, but reading the medical literature assured me it could. That’s when I first heard of the 1918 flu that not only killed millions of folks worldwide but caused severe depression for many who survived.

        That incident sparked my interest in medical issues. My Ph.D. is in psychology, which I still enjoy. But, I started reading more and more medical journals that involved mental problems as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, OCD, etc. You’ll notice my medical interests reflected on my webpage and in my books.


        The area of psychology interests me as well, which is shows up in my relationship section. I’ll be stressing marriage and parenting—both important life areas.


        My weird sense of humor appears in some information provided on these pages. It could be in any section, so please pay attention. If you knew me, you’d know when I’m being crazy, so it may take some learning on your part. If you ever think, “Could that be true?” it probably wasn’t. On the other hand, some medical info I share may be unfamiliar to you and even your doctor.


        I taught college for about twenty-five years and was both a part-time and full-time therapist—the latter working in a psychiatric hospital for 13 years.


        My hobbies include playing music on one instrument or another—5-string banjo (bluegrass emphasis—not well), guitar (not well), ukulele (not at all well), and keyboard (in the key of C only!). If you think I’m inept at those, you should hear me sing. Want to know what’s weird? I write songs and sing them; fortunately, I don’t sing for others, except for my wife. Of course, I’m safe with her because she loves me. Isn't that sweet?